LL Alumni Club

LL Alumni Club aims at gathering students, young professionals and academicians interested in developing professional Euro-Asian relations. It will consist of meetings once every two months with top representatives from education and business with networking sessions.

As an LL Alumni Club member you will:
✔️ have a chance to meet experts from Euro-Asian relations
✔️ receive invitations for formal and informal events (congress, banquets, dinners, casual meetings)
✔️ receive invitations for informal meetings and sessions with senior representatives
✔️ be a member of groups in social media reserved just for participants of LL Alumni Club

The first meeting will take place in 12th December 2019 at Santander Work Cafe. During the event you will have an opportunity to fill short form and become member of LL Alumni Club.

As the number of places is limited, we can invite only selected applicants. Please, fill the form below by the end of 1st December 2019, 23:59!

Link to the application form: http://tiny.cc/kry8ez